I visited the corps in Aurora IL this morning for the Sunday Holiness meeting.  It’s the main event of the week in which Salvation Army soldiers gather for worship and spiritual formation, and the Aurora Corps conducts two each Sunday.

The first, conducted in English, begins at 9:00 AM and lasts an hour, followed by Sunday school, then followed by the second in Spanish.  Afterwards, food and fellowship is offered to everyone.

This format differs from the corps at the Grand Rapids MI Kroc Center.  English and Spanish is also used there, but instead of two separate services virtually everything is translated as it takes place.  The translator stands next to the speaker or leader, and gives the translation.  The sermon or other worship items are usually given first in English followed by a Spanish translation.

Bilingual corps worship takes place in Aurora and Grand Rapids, but in two different ways.  Do you think it makes a difference?