Food is one of the things which enriches life in tough places.  The Detroit Free Press today is touting the coneys at Lafayette Coney Island as the best, according to Metromix voting.  Here’s the Metromix Best Coney Island link.

A coney is a hot dog slathered with a kind of chili mixture topped with chopped onions.  Simple.  Bad ones are marked by an inferior weiner.  But with a superior sausage that has a snap to it when you bite, ah.  Also, relatively grease-free chili and sweet white onions with just a bit of fire to them.  In Michigan the hot dog is Koegel’s.  Last summer I had a great coney in Flint.

When we first moved to Detroit I thought ‘no, don’t touch those’.   But … and now my favorite place for Detroit style coneys is … well, I just don’t make them a regular part of my diet.  They are definitely several steps above White Castles.