Tuesday evening Gail and I had dinner with Dion Oxford and three of his colleagues from the Gateway in Toronto.  They were in town for the Congress on Urban Ministry at McCormick Place.  The Congress is sponsored by SCUPE, the Seminary Consortium for Urban Pastoral Education.  I’m sorry I couldn’t be there.

We picked up Dion, Chris, Tim, and Scott, gave a quick tour of the Loop, River West, West Town, and ended in Ukranian Village to eat at Leona’s.  Good food, though I was mistaken:  they don’t have Chicago’s signature deep dish pizza, sigh.

We talked about the state of Chicago, comparing it with Toronto.  Drove by the United Center.  They wanted a photo with the bronze of Michael Jordan.  No game that night and there’s a fence around the east side of the stadium.  Ahh.  Someone leaving the gated parking area.  We zip in before the gate shuts.  Four happy Canadians in a picture with MJ.

On the drive back to McCormick Place suddenly we had a great night view of the Loop from the south, one I’ve never seen.   I don’t know what street we were on, we were all too busy talking.  But there it was.  Beautiful.  The city.