I’m sitting with Jason Pope in a coffee shop that has wireless.  Email to catch up on.

Tomorrow I leave, return to Chicago.  I arrived in Atlanta Saturday night.  32 students from Indiana Wesleyan arrived about the same time in their two vans, towing their personal items for a week of sleeping in the Atlanta Kroc Center.  They are here for Fight Club Spring Break 2011; here’s its Facebook page.

Last week two dozen Bethel College (Mishawaka IN) students were doing the same thing.  Sleeping on air mattresses and foam pads, beginning each day with worship followed by mission workshops.  Then, the main piece.  Out into the neighborhood to visit nursing homes, painting in a strategic apartment complex, conducting outdoors kids clubs in a trailer park, helping Tim and Becky with their bike shop for kids in this inner city South Atlanta neighborhood, prayer walk, prayer vigils.   Tired but untiring workers.

Jason Pope is now conducting the 3rd annual Spring Break in South Atlanta.  College students come here through a partnership with Experience Mission.  Some students from previous Spring Breaks are now returning later in the year to work with the Salvation Army as summer interns.  One Spring Break alum has even graduated and moved down here to teach in a middle school.

Young adults are looking for an experience and even a place with the Salvation Army, to join us in our mission to preach the gospel and meet human needs.  In the Fight Club Spring Break at the Atlanta Kroc Corps it’s happening.