I’m in Minnesota tonight, the Twin Cities.

We stopped by Dreamcoat Coffee, a social ministry of the Salvation Army.  It’s located in Oakdale, a suburb on the east side of St Paul.  It’s run by Lars and Kristen Carlson.  It’s a new way of doing the community center.  It serves coffee, desserts, sandwiches, and live music on Friday and Saturday nights.  It offers a boutique shop like and unlike any other Salvation Army thrift store.  Like, because it sells items donated to the Army.  Unlike, for when you walk in it is a stylish shop that could easily fit in on St Denis Street in Montreal or along Clark in Chicago.

Lars explains that it’s a gathering place, a place for community.  That our age is one in which people are increasingly isolated, unconnected, and that they need an alternative to sitting in front of a computer, that we need to be with others.

Read about Dreamcoat Coffee in this Oakdale Patch article.