Today’s Free Press reported on the continuing attempts to save public education in Detroit.  45 additional schools are now being proposed for charter.  Detroit Public Schools data projects it will serve 58,000 students in 2014.  In the late 1990s 175,000 attended its schools.

As its public education shrinks, Detroit’s children will yet need to learn.  Who will teach them?

The Salvation Army in the Midwest is starting to turn more attention to youth development, to the possibilities for young people to grow and thrive, even in places that seem least likely to allow it.

Is it time for the Army to take a vested interest in educating some of the young people of Detroit, Chicago, St Louis, Milwaukee?  If we can’t do this for all, what about our Junior Soldiers, boys and girls who have pledged to take their place in the Army to serve in the name of Jesus?  Perhaps not home schooling, but what of corps schooling?

Can we have some discussion about this opportunity in Detroit?