David Tooley shared a link to World Relief’s website on immigration; here’s a  link to UnDocumented.tv’s blog.

Immigration is an urban issue.  One could challenge the statement.  Throughout the Midwest immigrants are present in rural Iowa and suburban Kansas City.  But as the world passed the year 2000 and now with over 50% of all humans living in urban areas, we all entered a new era.  Regardless of whether I live in a densely populated city, a wide-lawned suburb, or  a sparsely peopled desert, I live in the urban millennium.

Travel.  Culture.  Information.  Internet.  Economy.  It’s all interconnected in a way my parents never experienced.  And it’s all from the cities.  This is the urban millennium.

The movement of people.  Unprecedented, in ways and on a scale the human race has not seen until now.  What will it mean, and what does it mean now?  How are we to face it?

Matthew Soerens writes regarding immigration in terms of justice “When Justice Becomes Unjust“.  I recommend it.  Take some time to explore UnDocumented.tv.  BTW, Matt will be a featured presenter this summer at Camp Wonderland for the Central Bible and Leadership Institute.