Steve Diaz called today.  He does this about once a month.  I’ll answer “Major Phil” and he responds “Envoy Steve”.  We are very formal.

Today Steve described a simple thing the Temple Corps has done in hot steamy St Louis this summer.   Wednesday evenings they have been holding Bible and Barbecue just outside their building on Arsenal Street.  A meal is offered to whosoever wants to join them.  Soldiers from the corps mingle and meet people who walk in from street.  A brief Bible message is shared by the Envoy.  Steve said that two guests became Christians last week at Bible and Barbecue.

One great story is how a women who lives across the street came and then returned the following week with dozens of others.  A born evangelist.  She has some rough edges.  But God is choosing to work in His own way, Praise Jesus.

I have been hearing of more and more corps (Salvation Army ministry in a neighborhood) going out of their buildings and creatively finding how to give help to address felt human needs of their neighbors.  That is what mission is.  Mission is not hiding from the world in a church building.  It is going to the world God so loved, and giving in a way that the world understands there are no strings attached.

BTW, hot and steamy?  Steve said that he took the dog out for a walk last night when it cooled down to 90.  Brr.