Tuesdays and Thursdays I attend North Park Seminary.  North Park’s not far from the Mayfair Community Church and Cafe Juniper mentioned a few days ago in a post.   After class and before library work tonight I traveled ten minutes east on Foster to the Andersonville neighborhood for a meal.

A Taste of Heaven tonight, on Clark north of Foster a block or two.  Beef brisket, red cabbage (loaded with tart cherries) and scalloped potatoes which must be one of the most wonderfully cheesy soothing dishes … I’m beginning to drool.

A hundred years ago Andersonville was undeniably Swedish in character.  Through the 1980s and 90s it became a great place to find dozens of newly arrived immigrant groups.  Today it’s become more gentrified like much of the north side of Chicago.   But not so terribly.  There yet remain ungentrified neighborhood gems.

Two more blocks north on Clark is our favorite Japanese restaurant, Sunshine Cafe.  No sushi, sorry.  Not fancy.  Just home-style cooking.  Tonkatsu.  Udon.  Croquettes.  My favorite:  salmon shioyaki.  Drooling again.  Excellent grilled eggplant.

There are usually a few elderly Japanese-Americans quietly eating.  A number of diners walk-in from the neighborhood, including families with children.   The prices are remarkably affordable which is rare in Chicago.   Just a humble place for good food. 

Cities offer wonderful opportunities for a taste of heaven.