I would today be happy whenever presented with signs and wonders like those recorded in the New Testament Book of Acts to accept them.  If you share with me flames of fire, tongues, healing the lame and various miracles, great.  I won’t have a problem if such appear.  But there are signs and wonders taking place which are as astonishing.  They cause me to pause.

Last weekend Gail and I were with Captains Steve and Latdavanh Kounthapanya in Milwaukee and we saw such signs and wonders. 

The Kounthapanyas are corps officers of the Milwaukee West Corps.   The corps is based in a predominantly African-American neighborhood.  Yet most of the adults on Sunday morning are Asian.  Thai, Laotian, Burmese and Kachin.  Scattered throughout the suburbs and city, they travel in, drawn by common culture and led by Captains Steve and Latdavanh.

Sunday morning while I preached in English Captain Steve next to me translated into Laos and Thai.  A woman in the back of the chapel who understands Thai translated into Burmese.  And a man near her translated from Burmese into Karen.  The gospel preached in five languages during one worship service.

A number of neighborhood young people attended Sunday.  They attend youth activities the corps sponsors Thursday and Friday evenings at which several adults of the corps serve as volunteer leaders.  Adults and young people come together in this way which is unique to the rest of Milwaukee.  To the rest of the world.

Sunday morning we had coffee and pumpkin rice, comfortingly warm and sweet.  I watched one of the young people taste it, nod his approval and finish his rice.  Throughout the meetings and noon meal everyone shared a quiet respect and care for one another.

Quietly and gradually the Milwaukee West Corps has drawn people from different cultures together to worship, serve, taste and see that the Lord is good.  To begin learning how to share life together. 

Some may see this and sneer, but even today others say “What does this mean?” (Acts 2:12)  Signs and wonders are in Milwaukee.