Done for the day after tonight’s plenary session featuring Richard Twiss who burnt sage and played his Indian drum.  Richard is co-founder with his wife Katherine of Wiconi International.  Richard spoke clearly, forcefully at times, and with charming humor of the place at which Native Americans have arrived in 21st century.  Refreshingly challenging.  Richard has just joined the CCDA Board of Directors, an addition which Executive Director Noel Castellanos tonight said has been long overdue.

So much good fellowship and valuable networking.  Our small contingent of Salvation Army delegates have been meeting people, learning, and given great help volunteering at the exhibit booth headed up by Sharon Barber from NHQ.

The venue at the JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis is excellent.  I like the exhibit setup this year.  It is getting more traffic than last year’s in Chicago due to being just outside the Ballroom in which plenary sessions are held.

Indiana Wesleyan University’s choir sang before tonight’s plenary and they were absolutely fun to hear and watch.  Great job IWU.

This morning, quite a workout as we listened and engaged with the presentations by Jim Wallis of Sojourners and Arthur Brooks of the American Enterprise Institute.  They cordially sparred over the economic public policy issue currently holding Washington’s and the media’s attention.  Wallis also gave an affirming shoutout for the Salvation Army.

Standing in line this afternoon I had a brief but pleasant chat with a professor from the University of Toronto who has had Dion Oxford of The Gateway in Toronto as his student.   We both agreed that we are fans of The Gateway.

All week, a steady stream of delegates saying hi, introducing themselves, explaining ways they have worked with and been helped by The Salvation Army.  Wearing a uniform sure makes for great shorthand.  And that’s it for tonight.