Tomorrow I leave for Grand Rapids MI where our biennial Mission and Purpose Conference takes place.  If you’re in the area stop by for one of the plenary sessions Friday 7:45PM, Saturday 8:45AM and 7:00PM, Sunday 10:00AM.  The MAP Conference is being hosted at the Kroc Center on Division Street near 25th Street.   You are welcome.

A final word about the CCDA Conference in Indianapolis.  As energizing as ever.  You really sense how so many are committed to the vision of transformed neighborhoods and cities, individual lives, structures and systems.  Meeting people, hearing of their work.  Inspiring.  Provoking.

Near the end of the conference we Salvation Army people gathered with our lunches in a sitting area of the JW Marriott lobby.  We introduced ourselves, shared about our work and what caught our attention at the conference.  Nicole Woodcox from our STOP-IT program in Chicago dropped by.  Nicole co-presented a workshop with Joseph Elkerton of Toronto on “Human Trafficking and the Ongoing Fight Against Injustice”.

Sharon Barber from our National Headquarters was super.  Sharon headed up our exhibit booth which attracted a steady stream of delegates sharing their Salvation Army stories.  One afternoon a young man shyly made his way to us and told of how he was helped by our Adult Rehabilitation Center in Rockford IL.  He’s now working at a Rockford church, helping others.

Dr. John Perkins, founder of the CCDA, spoke all week of discipleship.  He’s concerned that we are not discipling as is needed.  He said “discipleship is someone in your life so you are not making decisions all alone.”

CCDA:  a good place and good people to be with.  Next year Minneapolis hosts the national conference.  Try get there.