Later today we will leave the Kroc Center in Grand Rapids MI where we’ve been meeting with 164 delegates of the Mission and Purpose weekend.  Great speakers, workshops, and the weather cleared up for work outdoors Saturday afternoon.

After lunch MAP delegates divided up into twelve teams of workers to join the Kroc Center’s I’ll Fight Day Missions.  Raking leaves in their neighbors’ yards, picking up trash along Division Street, randomly treating drivers at intersections with fresh donuts, visiting homes of students to celebrate their progress at the Kroc’s tutoring program, distributing batteries for smoke detectors.  Very real ways to go and to give in the Kroc neighborhood.

We shared our stories with each other at the evening plenary session led by Captain Scott Shelbourn of Omaha NE.  We also heard Dr. Shawn Okpebholo tell his story of how his and his family’s lives were changed because they were visited by Salvation Army people.   Shawn is now a professor of music at Wheaton College as well as a part of the Army’s Oakbrook Terrace Corps, an outstanding place of Salvation Army mission to its community in Chicago’s western suburbs.

Frank Massolini also was with MAP on Saturday night.  He showed us a video telling about the PROMISE Initiative in Chicago.  PROMISE is the Partnership to Rescue Our Minors from Sexual Exploitation which tells you how the Salvation Army under Frank’s leadership is dealing with a widespread yet virtually unnoticed injustice in Chicago, its suburbs, the Midwest, in the USA.  In fact, Frank pointed out to us that even as we picked up trash along Division Street he watched a pimp at work.

Frank has been involved for 24 years in this initiative.  He told us why.   Today Frank serves as Director of PROMISE, a full-time work which he does as a volunteer.  His story was moving.  He is a man with a mission who has found the Army to be his place of mission.  Thank you and God bless you, Frank.

Time to begin the day, got to go.  Try to write again later today about MAP to share more.