“I don’t know what’s going on with Detroit. Detroit is just going to hell to tell you the truth .. ain’t nothing running right” Horace Adams, a Detroit Transit bus rider, waiting …

This Detroit Free Press article reports on a bus drivers walkout today that disrupted service.  Drivers walked out in protest to a beating yesterday of a driver. 

Detroit faces great challenges.  Common knowledge.

But this story reveals details as to the situation and attitudes now in Detroit. 

100 drivers showed up this morning and refused to drive their buses.  They don’t like it that sheriff’s deputys no longer provide security on buses (what other major American cities have this service?)  That it took 30 minutes for the police to show up at the scene, the major downtown transit hub.  200 of the city’s 438 buses are waiting for repairs.  Challenging, and grim.  It’s in this setting that bus drivers are so unsettled and riders left stranded.

Drivers, riders, Mayor Bing and the people of Detroit:  praying for you.