Yesterday I ate at Cafe Juniper.

Cafe Juniper is operated by the Mayfair Community Church of The Salvation Army, located 5020 N. Pulaski Road, Chicago.  It just opened this year, Monday through Saturday offering noon Japanese/Korean lunch buffet as well as dinner time menu service.

Major Ho Chang, corps officer at Mayfair, joined me for lunch.  We chose maki sushi, natto, gyoza, noodles, and curry among other items.  A very nice lunch.  I had green tea, the Major a can of soda.  While I was there probably three to four dozen diners came through the line.  Major Mark Turner of the divisional headquarters right next door showed up, so we had a good fellowship at our table.

Cost?  Sorry, I was the Major’s guest.  But it seems quite reasonable.  The dining room is quiet, clean, inviting.  Almost all diners were Asian.  Many seemed to meet groups of friends and the atmosphere was pleasantly social.  I appreciated the fresh wasabi and pickled ginger for the sushi.  I passed on the kimchi this time as a courtesy to my dentist I visited later that afternoon.

I recommend a visit to Cafe Juniper.  Oishii.