Last month during my Wichita visit we toured the City Command’s Camp Hiawatha.  As we left I looked out the window and saw a kettle.  Here it is featured in a parade earlier this year –

The kettle was custom built and is used locally by the Salvation Army in Wichita KS.  The shield is actually a door into this motorized kettle.  Major Doug Rowland told me that it’s mighty impressive in a parade.  It rides on an electric golf cart making it noiseless.  A stealth kettle.

In Detroit, the Army has this giant kettle, quite possibly the largest kettle in the world –

Giant Salvation Army kettle installed in downtown ...

Here’s a video with Major Herb Fuqua describing it.  25,000 lights.  56 feet tall and 44 feet wide.

Finally, another large one, constructed of the latest super-light and strong material used for surfboards, here’s a video with its story involving Captain Terry Masango and the Windansea Surf Club of San Diego.  Many of you will know Captain Masango from his visits to ReGeneration Conference and CBLI.