Another Chicago restaurant.  You must think all I ever do is eat.

I feel a little sheepish about this, but I do have my reasons eating out like this.  Our kitchen is pretty much jack.  Gail’s left me for several days.  And what disposable time is mine between now and a week from Friday revolves around term-paper-deadline for North Park.

I admit it.  The name caught my eye, my somewhat almond shaped eye squinting from behind a trifocal lens.   2 Asian Brothers.  That was several weeks ago.  Gail will tell you that I have photographic memory when it comes to restaurants that meet my demanding criteria, which is quite simple.  I demand more than I should get for the price paid.  Today at Brandel Library I needed lunch.

Cross Foster, head towards Kedzie and a hundred feet west of the corner is 2 Asian Brothers.  It’s east of the Starbucks which I resent for taking the place a couple years ago of a nondescript but serviceable noodle shop I could get a cheap alternative to the McDonald’s at Kedzie.  We really need more Starbucks in America?

I ordered the Noodle Salad with honey grilled pork, or ‘bun nen nuong’ if you want to say it in Vietnamese.  Waiting, I talked with the earnest young man at the counter.   He said they’ve been open for two and a half months and doing well.  It gets good business from the two nearby universities North Park and Northeastern, as well as from the high schools Von Stueben and North College Prep.  Get’s slow when there’s no school.

I looked at the artwork on the wall:

  There’s a series of these telling the story of how the 2 Asian brothers (in Christ) decided to go into business together, and why.  They’re in mission, and without being part of an international charitable organization based in London.

My food arrived.  It exceeded my expectations.  Fresh, large serving.  Consisting of steamed rice noodles, a crisp egg roll, wonderfully tasty lean slices of honey barbecued pork, flavorful seasoning of fresh herbs (cilantro and basil I think), crisp bean sprouts.  I had noodles flying everywhere.  Sitting at the window counter I knew I must have been a sight.  I put on a good show with chopsticks.

Cost $7.00.  No, since I am a North Park student the 10% discount made it $6.30.  How much does a McDonald’s meal cost these days?

I thanked the counter man and his colleague.  They liked that.  It was time to cross Foster.  Back to the books.

Others who like 2 Asian Brothers.