Recently I looked at the archived Tuesday evening program from Central Bible Leadership Institute 2011 featuring Michael Collins, our friend from Canada.  Michael electrified us this summer at Camp Wonderland with a message on how the Salvation Army is called into mission to go out into the world.  Giving the good word, doing the most good.

Michael shared the story of one Christmas season he and his family were cold.  There was no heat in their apartment.  Only the gas stove, lit, door open.  As a young boy growing up poor in inner city Montreal he was learning many things, including that he had no reason to expect Santa Claus to appear.  His mother told them that.  That only someone who loves them and has money would bring things they were hoping for.

A knock.  Some people in blue suits with red shields on their hats.  They came with the things.  They had heard about this family in the neighborhood that wasn’t going to have much of a Christmas.

The young Michael thought “I get it, not a dude in a red shirt, but people in blue suits.”  He figured it out.

Salvation Army people:  God bless each of you this Christmas season as you demonstrate God’s love with the money and volunteer’s hours and good will He has provided.  To you. The people in blue suits, the red shields.