These are days I am less interested in the old gospel song’s ‘unseen things above’.

Why tell the story of that which once was, of that which is unseen and not on this earth. The old song is sweet, but are we making a mistake? Thinking that Jesus and his love is to be associated only with things unseen and above?

The John Kass (heir apparent to Mike Royko’s empty throne) Chicago Tribune Christmas Day column was filled with Ron Grossman’s story of Santa Claus and a Salvation Army feeding team in west side Chicago’s Lawndale neighborhood.

If Ron hadn’t driven down Kedzie Avenue and seen Santa, and gone round the block to take a second look, he would have missed Santa’s little miracle story.

So much if not almost all of what God is doing in the world today goes unnoticed. The headlines, award nominees, the popular all are tuned to a different wavelength than the rich and diverse way God is working his salvation in the world. Our work that takes place in the few weeks of the Christmas season is full of that richness. Many of you have experienced it this season.

The old gospel song is ‘pleasant to repeat’ and ‘wonderfully sweet’. But it really doesn’t cut it. I want to sing the new song. Now. Of unseen things here.