Hip hop on the Q train in New York – 

The Brooklyn Bridge –

Read the related New York Times article by Randy Kennedy.  It’s hard to argue with the Ezra Pound quote, that all great art is born of the metropolis.  Kennedy observes that New York is a city “whose very density and speed now generate their own kind of ferment.”

Unexpected vistas or a peek down an alley have surprised me in the cities of my sojourn.  In Detroit I always enjoy what seems to be a more oblique angle to the light of sunrises and sunsets, especially when it hits darkened red brick walls.  A long drive down Damen Avenue, Foster to Pershing, has the feel of seeing life of Chicagoans from their yards, rather than as an interloper.  The red glowing steel mills of Gary at night from a distance and the weird industrial wilderness mix of Wolf Lake as you enter Indiana from the Chicago Skyway speak a weary urban grace.

In the city?  Look around for unintentional works of art.