Behind the scenes in our largest cities are the powers.  Is The Salvation Army a power in Chicago?  The answer’s below.

I don’t agree with all his theology, but Walter Wink’s work on spiritual powers intrigues me.  Especially regarding the unseen powers which animate cities.

Wink offers a credible exegesis of Pauline texts dealing with powers, principalities and authorities.  It rings true with my experience in urban ministry.  If interested look at a copy of Naming the Powers or any of the other two books of his Powers Trilogy.

It’s good when someone points out unseen, almost invisible, ‘powers’.  Recently I’ve enjoyed reading posts from Benton on his WordPress blog The Data-Driven City.  Benton’s a Chicago lawyer (and former Michigander) with an interest in ‘government in the information age’.

For instance I find it, should I say, empowering to know who has the most lobbyists in Chicago.

And …

yes, who would have thought that according to the Chicago Lobbyists website The Salvation Army is the most active client for lobbyists in Chicago.  Check it out here.