Yesterday night a 15 year old boy died in a Chicago hospital after being shot Sunday morning on the South Side.

Deshun Winfert was with his father in their car at 66th and Mozart.  Another vehicle pulled up, someone shot both Deshun and his dad.  Police have no explanation why.  Seems random.

Listening to this on the radio I remembered one Saturday morning years ago.  I was driving the minivan north on the Dan Ryan Freeway from errands on the South Side.  My son John was with me.  For a change he was riding in the front passenger seat instead of his usual far-from-Dad-as-possible back seat.

The ramp for the Eisenhower was just ahead.  I changed lanes heading for it.

‘pop’.  like a light bulb.

I needed three seconds to figure out that it was a bullet through the back driver-side window.  The entire back window was gone, now on the Dan Ryan.  I hit the gas and paid no attention to traffic around me.

I was shook up.  When we got home I called Chicago Police District 12, told them what happened.  The officer explained there had been a high-speed chase, gunfire along Roosevelt about that time.  11:00 in the morning.

Years later in Detroit I ignored the stoplight two different times at the same intersection when I heard gunshots.  Traffic signal at Dexter and Tuxedo.  Gas pedal.  The young people I was driving home after youth activities understood.  No complaint about blowing the red light.

When I heard the news this afternoon about Deshun I thought about John riding with me years ago on the Dan Ryan.  I can’t tell you anymore than that.