Many Intersections readers attended the Regeneration Conference last weekend at Wonderland Camp.  A great weekend.

Cotton Presley spoke on the theme of heaven and this morning I came on these words of Catherine Booth quoted by Roger Green in his biography of the ‘Army Mother’:

it must be self-evident … that it is the most important question that can possibly occupy the mind of man – how much like God can we be – how near to God can we come on earth preparatory to our being perfectly like Him, and living, as it were, in His very heart for ever and ever in Heaven.  Anyone who has any measure of the Spirit of God, must perceive that this is the most important question on which we can concentrate our thoughts.

Her words make sense as we pray ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’.  Think about it.

Thank, Audrey, for leading us in worship!