I have been feeling lazy lately.  Still euphoric that the term is over and I am no longer a slave every evening and bit of free time to homework and reading.  It feels good.  I feel lazy.

I am also pleasingly full tonight in the Twin Cities.  It is Friday night, and I ate at a Japanese restaurant just as I did last Friday in Appleton WI where we were visiting our youngest son.  In fact, in the past month I’ve also had food at Japanese eateries in Chicago and Duluth MN.

How different this era is from when I was a boy.  Japanese food then was not to be found anywhere but in the largest American cities.  Now, Duluth and Appleton.  And even in Litchfield IL where a few months ago I saw Sakura Hibachi Sushi.


Here’s another thing.  I found Oishi via the internet.  Arrived in Brooklyn Center, googled area restaurants and read the reviews.  voila.

We live in a techno-urban world.  Our cities are more diverse.  We have the tools that give access to that diversity.  drat.  I could have taken a photo to post for you to see the generous bento box $12.99 bought.   Not fantastic, but decent food.


Tonight I didn’t have to eat at McDonald’s.  Chopsticks for tonkatsu and tempura and sushi and teriyaki and gyoza and …