Gail, Kirsten and I joined Brian Allan and his crew serving lemonade, water and cookies to some of the hundreds of thousands who attended today’s Pride Parade in Chicago. 

Brian and a few others started this ministry ten years ago at the street entrances of the Salvation Army’s College for Officer Training in Chicago’s Wrigleyville.  Interesting fact:  the Gay Pride Parade takes place every year during the Army’s national conference on holiness hosted at the CFOT.

While we were busy getting sticky with lemonade Andrew Marin of the Marin Foundation was a few blocks north of us with a group of workers sharing the ‘I’m sorry’ message, a means of building bridges between the evangelical and gay communities.  I couriered a shirt delivery before the parade began and chatted with Andrew.  He was going to try come down and visit us but I didn’t see him.  It might have been difficult to get through today’s record crowd of 850,000.

Brian Allan and Lieutenant Lorna making sure we don’t spill too much of the lemonade


Captain Brian from the USA Western Territory wearing one of Andrew Marin’s shirts. It was worn by several of our people today and generated lots of questions and opportunities to explain why we were there.

Andrew Dobney, Brian Allan and Peter Kuehl ready for our 3,457th customer … actually, no charge. Free!

A good view of front line action along Halsted Street. It was busy. Ed Ruthberg in blue.