After a hot day the Temple Houses are ready to travel for ice cream at Crown Candy!

They look happy.  In anticipation of ice cream and a cooler summer evening.

I was in St Louis for the weekend.  Sunday morning at the Salvation Army’s Belleville IL Corps with Captains Heath and Anita Sells.  Heath and Anita served with us for a summer in the 1990s on Detroit’s west side.  They are friends and colleague officers.  They are also developing a proposal for greenhouse gardening with the support of interested community backers offering resources to make it happen.  Gardening and job training.

The picture shows Temple House people Saturday evening about to travel to the north side for ice cream at Crown Candy.  John and I had chocolate malts.  We were happy.

In the picture, left to right –

  • Natalie, a transplanted Salvation Army soldier from the Twin Cities in graduate social work studies at Washington University
  • Hilary from Cleveland OH who just arrived last week.  She will help with Temple day camp and other Salvation Army work this summer and then begin the Urban Ministry Internship Program at Temple Houses this September.  UMIP offers practical field experience in St Louis and an urban ministry degree from City Vision College.  Three more interns will soon join Temple Houses.
  • Laura, director of the new CHOICES program sponsored by the Army.  CHOICES will work to develop the full potential of young people and their families living in the Temple neighborhood.
  • Betsy just returned home to Georgia this week after several weeks gardening for the Temple Houses.  She’s responsible for the flower and vegetable beds and general beautification on Temple House grounds.
  • Auxiliary Captains Steve and Ketsia Diaz, officers in charge of the Army’s St Louis Temple on Arsenal Street.
  • front row:  Boone, Kyle and John.  Kyle is Steve and Ketsia’s son, a charmer.  John, my son.  Boone, one of three Temple House dogs.  Yesterday’s post showed Boone taking a break with Lou and Beckham who respectively belong to the Diaz’ and Laura.

Darren, who just completed his urban ministry internship, is away for the summer working in California.  He returns to Temple Houses next month to begin a new phase of internship that allows both intern and The Salvation Army to determine if full-time ministry as a Salvation Army officer is in the future.

John and Captain Steve pondering ice cream choices at Crown Candy

What is the common denominator of Temple House residents?  All are Christians living in shared quarters within a block of the Temple Corps and help with its ministry to the neighborhood.  They are committed to make a difference in the name of Jesus in the Benton Park community of St Louis.

John and Betsy completed this chicken coop last Saturday in the back yard of a Temple House.  Yesterday four hens moved in.  John is thinking omelettes.