“Gov. Pat Quinn’s office has issued layoff notices to nearly 600 workers in the state’s troubled child welfare agency, despite vows to restore funding in an effort to prevent staffing cuts” reports the Chicago Tribune today.  Even so, Governor Quinn expressed his preference to spend money on protecting children rather than keeping more prisons filled.

Filled with non-white men who grew up as vulnerable children.  At risk.  Without an advocate such as DCFS offers when a neighbor, relative, teacher sees trouble and makes that call.

Politics involved, in Illinois?  Possibly.  The state budget crisis play a role?  Without question.

But keep on reminding us, Governor Quinn, and speaking on behalf of our state’s children.

Gail, I and all those who serve in under-served places especially know the value of investing in families and children today. Tomorrow?  Too expensive.  Too tragic.  Too late.