In my uniform I am a walking visual aid to all 3,000 CCDA delegates to keep in mind our Salvation Army.  My shoes are brushed, tie usually straight.  I and Don LaMar are the two most dressed up delegates at the CCDA Conference here in the Minneapolis Hilton.

It has been busy.  So many people to talk with.  Listen to.  Networking.

I’ve visited with North Park’s Julia, coffee this afternoon with City Vision College’s Michael Liimatta, Envoy Don LaMar and I have become plenary session seat mates, a good conversation with Arike Mason and Andres Villatoro about how we can promote CCDA participation by Salvation Army people.

Time to go for tonight’s plenary featuring COGIC’s Charles Blake speaking to us on the practice of reconciliation.  A few photos below.

Arike Mason (Minneapolis) and Andres Villatoro (Wheaton) between afternoon workshops. Andres is ready to go.

Ray Rivera, founder of the Latino Pastoral Action Center, gave a prophetic call to reconciliation Thursday night. Sometimes confront. Sometimes engage. Sometimes get a job with the system. Delivered ala Pentecostal preacher.

The musicians leading worship this year at the conference. They are the band we will see this December at the IVCF Urbana conference in St Louis. They had us singing tricultural (English, Spanish and Mandarin).