The evening meeting ended an hour ago and so has the 2012 National Conference of the Christian Community Development Association.

Noel Castellano, CEO of the CCDA, had us dance out of tonight’s closing session accompanied by the Urbana worship team which led our worship this week here in Minneapolis.  You can catch them the end of December for Intervarsity’s Urbana missions conference in St Louis.  I loved the trilingual singing of ‘Holy, Holy’ in English, Spanish and Mandarin.  We learned to shift back and forth between all three languages to the point that many of us found it natural, and affirming.

I have a post to share in a couple days on Nicole Baker Fulgham of The Expectations Project, but for now a few more photos taken today.

Another Nicole, rather Nikole.  Nikole Lim who calls California home though she barely gets there.  Check out Freely In Hope she founded to restore justice, dignity and hope by liberating women and their families in Kenya from the bondages of poverty.

me and Nikole Lim at Panera’s. Nikole is the founder of Freely In Hope. And the creator of the stunningly moving video ‘While Women Weep’. She brought greetings from her uncle Major Ron Toy, who can make a knife frighteningly sharp.

















Lunch today at Panera’s on Minneapolis’ Nicollet Mall with a Salvation Army conclave consisting of Bernadette, Arike, Envoy Don, me.  The couple at the next table politely asked how it was that we were eating together.  I guess we looked sort of different from most dining groups at Panera.

Envoy Don told me how to get to the Minneapolis Harbor Light for worship tomorrow morning.  It’s only a few blocks west of Panera.  After church, on the road home.

One last thing to share.  Wearing the Salvation Army uniform made me accessible.  I’m not sure we do justice to wearing our uniforms when gathered in groups of other Salvation Army people.  We look redundant.  But at a gathering like CCDA it sure is helpful.  This morning between sessions a young woman came to sit next to me for a moment to introduce herself.  Faith Maus will be leaving soon for London to work for the Army at International Headquarters and she just wanted to say hi.