A person could easily get lost in Minneapolis’ Skyway.  Michael Liimatta knows how to navigate it.  Michael attended seminary there and explained how the Skyway system connects ten square blocks of downtown Minneapolis.  A good place to hunker down during long Minnesota winters.

We met over coffee last month on a Friday afternoon during the CCDA Conference.  Michael works from Kansas City as Academic Chief Officer for City Vision College.  Four City Vision students currently serve as interns in St Louis at the Salvation Army’s Temple Houses on Arsenal Street.

Michael is also involved in closing the digital divide in Kansas City as co-founder of Connecting for Good.  Kansas City won the highly competitive Google FiberIt means that KC will have access to astonishingly fast internet connections.  Except for low-income neighborhoods:  42% of KC low income areas.  This is where Connecting for Good, the Kansas City Public Library and others are working to educate and organize neighborhoods to participate in Google Fiber.

Michael and others are featured in this KCUR roundtable discussion on Google Fiber’s effect on the digital divide in Kansas City.

There’s no debate on how crucial access is to the internet.  Job hunting.  Education.  Social networks.  Information.  When individuals and entire neighborhoods don’t have access it creates a digital divide.  It adds to the disparity many communities already suffer.  Especially low income urban and rural communities.

I wish you well, Michael!