Gail and I are on the road in Michigan this weekend.

Today, Grand Rapids, as Gail conducts some business as the territory’s Youth Secretary.  Right now I am in the Grand Rapids Public Library working on liberation theology as I prep for my North Park Seminary midterm exam.  I need to grab some lunch.  Heading to the Wealthy Street Bakery.

BTW, I was courteously greeted as I entered this library.  A welcome smile, not made to feel like a criminal.  Unlike the main Chicago Public Library.

A few years ago when we lived in Chicago we visited the big main building, actually you can’t think anything but ‘edifice’ when you see this honking piece of work on Congress.

We were made to feel that each security agent stationed throughout the library viewed us as likely suspects, up to no good.  Okay, they feel they have to do something with people who are homeless.  That’s one way of dealing with Chicagoans who want to be in a warm safe place.  But, really?  Made to feel a criminal for a library visit?  I have not forgotten.

Sunday, we will be on Detroit’s east side at the Detroit Harding Corps with Captains Javier and Kelsie Moreno.

Jav and Kelsie are doing some great work there and we are way past due for a Sunday visit to their corps.  I’ll post.

I know we will be welcomed there.