When I mention I’m from Duluth, Minnesota people often involuntarily shiver.  Lake Superior, long winters.  The last January I lived in Duluth the temperature never rose above zero THE ENTIRE MONTH.  I am telling the truth.

According to a panel of national experts, I am not making this up, my hometown is positioned to be the next great urban hot spot reports the Duluth News-Tribune.  “there’s such a wonderful historic fabric here. You feel like you’re in a real place.”  yup.

Traveling about American cities and suburbs I see a lot of faux.  Trying to have a downtown such as where we currently live, Arlington Heights.  meh.

Friends in Kansas City’s northern suburbs showed us Zona Rosa.  It looks like there’s some fun there.  But look real?  nah.

Duluth does feel real and it does have a wonderful historic fabric.  You can’t fake something built in 1893 like the grand Romanesque Central High School on 3rd Street.

Historic fabric?  Shedon Aubut alludes to 19th century hopes of Duluth being the next great city, “to surpass Chicago in size”.

So, it may come to pass.  Duluth, the next great urban hot spot.  But if not it wouldn’t be the first time the Christmas City of the North was disappointed.