Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Superintendent Garry McCarthy tell us that they are cleaning up the Chicago Police Department.

That’s their promise as a trial judge decided yesterday to let stand a federal jury judgment “that a ‘code of silence’ in the Chicago Police Department protects rogue officers”.

“This was a highly publicized case involving a considerable amount of public resources, including taxes paid by the people of the city of Chicago to defend this lawsuit.  This case touched on the public interest of whether the city has a widespread custom or practice of failing to adequately investigate and/or discipline its officers and whether there is a police code of silence.”  So says U.S. District Judge Amy St. Eve.

For the past six years Judge St. Eve has presided over the case of a drunken police officer beating a female bartender.  This has become quite a story as does most any that ends up on .

Here’s my post from yesterday about another situation concerning the City of Chicago’s integrity.

The plaintiff’s lawyers have now given notice that their client’s $850.000 settlement along with the legal bill “likely to be in the millions of dollars” needs to be paid by month’s end.

Whether in dollars or credibility it’s justice at a high cost in Chicago.