We got our act together yesterday afternoon at exhibit 617 here in the America’s Center.  Urbana 12 is underway in St Louis.

30,000?  That’s the number people say are registered at this conference on missions.  Intervarsity, the evangelical and interdenominational campus ministry, sponsors the Urbana conference every three years.  It is impressive to see thousands of young adults gathered like this.  Especially at the evening plenary sessions held in the adjoining Jones Dome.

My role this week won’t allow me to check on the specific urban poverty workshops and speakers.  I may get in the evening plenary sessions.  But for most of the morning I’ve been failing at getting access to the exhibit hall so I can deliver a piece of equipment to 617.  Sitting here and waiting til I can sneak in.


Got in.  As he walks by young Daniel Paredes (Oakbrook Terrace Corps) spots us waiting in the hallway.  One of those chance meetings midst thousands.  Finished with his bachelors in biblical studies Daniel is now checking out seminaries, and has an interest in counseling.  He is a people-helping person.

20121228-143219.jpgKenneth and Lance from Detroit were next in the crowd.  Kenneth they refer to as ‘Mr. Jones’ at Detroit Harding Corps.  With a grin he told me it’s okay.  Just ‘Kenneth’ here.


One of my Urbana assignments is lunch boy.  I pick up 150 sack lunches, set up shop in front of the Jones Dome and deliver them to the Salvation Army delegates.  Here’s the lunch prep crew at St Louis Temple.  Today it was chicken salad croissants, Sun Chips, peanut butter cookies, an orange and a juice pouch.

Urban lunch crew at St Louis Temple


St Louis Temple is surrounded by Temple Houses:

Urbana Temple Houses