I am now sitting in the parking lot for a few moments before the final hours of exhibit 617 at Urbana 12.

John just told me that our Salvation Army delegates put away close to a hundred pizzas and a mountain of salad at lunch today. They ate at the St Louis Temple Corps building as part of a kindred session. Temple produced the lunches this week for these young adults from across the USA. Served by yours truly out of the back of a minivan.

Cold. Tired. Young people have had an exhausting schedule.

I am a runner. Gone out only a couple times this week. Early in the morning. Yet dark. But I see them, indistinguishable, other than they are homeless human forms. Men? Women? Can’t tell.

But they are human. Just like the tired hungry young adults who want to learn how to be of some use in this world God so loves.

It is grey, wet. Cold in St Louis. A new year enters in a few hours. It’s events indistinguishable in a new year’s dawn.