Just in time for Christmas, New York Times Jonathan Mahler reviewed Mark Binelli’s new book Detroit City Is the Place to Be.Binelli book Detroit City Is the Place to Be cover

Mahler’s review has me wanting to read the Binelli book.

I want to find out if one of two young men he mentions, the one educated at Harvard, is who I think he is, who with his family attended Sunday worship with us at the Salvation Army’s Detroit Temple Corps when this century was new.

And I want to read Binelli’s take on “who sticks around and tries to make things work again? And what sorts of newcomers are drawn to the place for similar reasons?”

The two young men?  “They missed Detroit.”

Ben Mathis-Lilley’s Slate review observes that Binelli’s book has no new insight as to Detroit’s solution.  What you are going to find out is “something about what kind of person sticks it out in a city going nowhere.”

Talking about Detroit’s “ruin porn”, my favorite purveyor is Lowell Boileau.  His Fabulous Ruins of Detroit Tour, c’est magnifique. Boston Blvd

Many of the houses and apartment buildings I recognize from the city’s west side Boston-Edison neighborhood, around Nardin Park, and off of Grand River.

But if you go there now you may not find them in the condition photos show.  Or at all.