Pastor Harvey Carey of Detroit is with us this weekend at Wonderland Camp.Harvey CareyRegeneration 2013




Over 400 young adults ages 18 – 29 are here for the annual Regeneration Conference.  Regen draws together many Salvation Army people for an annual rendezvous.  This weekend Regen is led by Pastor Carey, worship leader Sandra McCracken (Nashville) and spoken word artist Blair Linne (Washington DC).  I detect an urban sensibility to the Regen lineup.

Last night Pastor Carey told us how his Citadel of Faith Covenant Church deals with neighboring crack houses.  The men of this Detroit church go camping.

A hundred men.



Roast hotdogs.

Sing kumbayah.

In front of a crack house.

You can guess what this does for business.  That house shuts down.  The campers move on to the next crack house.  That one shuts down.  Etc.  Pastor Carey told us it is effective.  Wise as serpents, harmless as doves.abandoned house 2

Pastor Carey also said to us Salvation Army people gathered from throughout the Midwest that abuse is inevitable if the church doesn’t know its purpose.  To wit, as the salt of the earth, the light of the world, we (the church) are of no use if we just stick in our buildings, our churchy circles.  We become of no use.  Useless.

Mission is to go and to give.  The church finds its purpose by going into and giving to the world.  Salt and light.  By virtue of its nature the church brings transformation to the dark places, the dull places.

This morning Pastor Carey spoke about the nature of the church as Ephesians 5 describes husbands and wives, Christ and the church.

But we really liked the Pastor’s camping story.  Kumbayah and campfires.