Detroit as seen in UrbanizedMonica Davey’s New York Times article about Detroit tells what is “almost a tale of two cities”, of a Detroit where private investment and entrepreneurs appear.  And where city government and neighborhoods are in serious trouble.

But what caught my attention were 331 comments at the bottom of the article.  Opinions.  Observations.  From people who have lived in or near Detroit.  Some who have stayed, many who have left.  All who love the city.  Well, almost all.

Some comments smell of hopium.  Other comments racist-saturated.

Here’s Susanna’s comment, one of many which had a ring of sincerity and truth –

Lived in Detroit for 22 years (80’s and 90’s) and watched it go down hill.  Fire response was great, police response was non-existent.    People voted based on name recognition and not on who was the best qualified for the job of Mayor or City Council.  These people cannot stop arguing with each other!    What the Mayor and Council don’t seem to get is that the ship has sailed.  They are distrustful and basically want Money, Money, Money without the regional taxpayers who help show them the money to have a say in how they money is spent.  Graft, greed was the prior order of the day, that and all the arguing has left the city in a big mess.  My son has been a Paramedic (the step-chidren of the fire department) for 20 years.  He is leaving to work at a hospital (not in Detroit), so they can kiss his City income tax bye-bye.  His position will probably not be filled.  They run 10 ambulances throughout the City each day (should be 14) because the equipement is broken down and in some cases unrepairable.  Population may have gone down, but the square miles to be covered remain the same.  He has had box cutters taken to him, guns drawn on him, sucker-punched, stopped a rape in progress, pulled people out of fires without any turn-out gear and has been decorated for valor.  Tell me at $18.00 an hour he is over-paid.  I applaud those who have businesses in Detroit and can keep them operating.  But there is a long way to go.

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