I saw the table of tourist gifts near the real thing here in Cappadocia.

You are looking at fairly accurate representations of the area’s rock formations turned into homes. Late this afternoon I even saw one housing a police station.

Yesterday we visited homes and churches dug into volcanic rock. They were to be unseen and undetected safe hiding places. Our guide told us that the venting shafts for cooking fires were even designed to mislead enemies away from the actual homes.

Today we visited the Goreme Open-Air Museum also in Cappadocia. It is a United Nations designated World Heritage site that actually is a park holding churches and monastic community dwellings dating to Byzantine days. Very old places just like yesterday’s. But at Goreme these structures created an above ground town albeit much of it dug into Cappadocia’s strange Star Wars like formations. You can imagine furry little monk-like Ewoks emerging.



Similar in many ways, yet different. One city designed to hide people from their enemies. Another city to help people find God.

Tomorrow we travel to Tarsus, hometown of the apostle Paul.