First its public school system.

Then, its government.

Now Detroit’s court system joins its schools and city government in a scenario no large city wants.

“Detroit city government, its public school district, and its city court system are now all under the control of state-appointed managers” says today’s Detroit Free Press.

The Michigan State Supreme Court has appointed Judge Michael Talbot from the state court of appeals to run Detroit’s 36th District Court.  Why?  Financial and operational mismanagement, according to a study from the National Center for State Courts released last week.  Here’s Deadline Detroit’s report (I enjoyed reading the comments of StretchRun, Northman and others).

Tomorrow in Detroit a meeting takes place with court employees who face possible joblessness.  This past weekend the Detroit News reported on the reaction of the court’s employees, union officials and 36th District Court Chief Judge Kenneth King.

Is it possible they were not expecting the study’s findings and the state’s reaction?  Judge King expressed particularly strong feelings, calling the study “garbage”.Judge Kenneth King

Who to listen to?  The issues may not be clear-cut.  Here’s a March 19 Deadline Detroit article which gives one example as to how complex and challenging are 36th District’s problems.  Key phrases:  “biggest revenue generator” and “no county prosecutors showed up”.

Judge King may have reason to be frustrated.  BTW, King has been at this job for a year.  Appointed there by the Michigan State Supreme Court.