It’s morning in St Louis and Salvation Army people will gather in a couple hours at the Peabody Opera House for ”resurrection’ worship.

Salvation Army people are people of hope. Of new creation, existing for others, with Christ at the center of our experience, faith, life. These are themes we have heard during the past 36 hours in the words of General Linda Bond, songs, presentations. In the reuniting of comrades we have not seen in a year.

Some of those comrades look older. But some are new young fresh faces.



New Soldiers enrolled, not to join ranks of church-sitting people. Rather, people who are called (God help us) to turn the world upside-down. Surprising the world in what God does through us, where he sends us. Only living to serve those whom God has so loved. Which is every human being.

Such as in Tokyo:

Chris, we’re glad you’re home for a couple weeks!