Andres Villatoro, thank you.

Andres sent the link to a photo essay from this week’s Atlantic.

It reminded me of my first days living in Chicago. Arriving on a Greyhound bus. Staying a week at the Y hotel that used to be on South Wabash. The L just outside my room. Going through the cafeteria, asking the serving lady if it was Cream of Wheat and her smiling answer ‘grits’. And the adventure of becoming a Chicagoan that has followed me for decades.

I remember something of this Chicago of the 1970s and what it felt to be a young man from northern Minnesota marveling at urban life.

Photos are from John H. White, formerly of the Chicago Sun-Times who along with its entire photographer staff was fired two months ago.

Here is one photo that really moved me with aching memory of our years’ work with young people.

basketball in Stateway Gardens 1973.

basketball in Stateway Gardens 1973.