urban future 4It wasn’t long ago that people were guessing an end to public libraries.  My observation:  not true.  I’ve seen beautiful, efficient new libraries where I’ve lived.  Arlington Heights.  Oak Park.  Farmington Hills.  Chicago, the exception.

Now there’s a new book I want to pick up.  Perhaps at a library in my six week old hometown, St Louis.  Perhaps I’ll need to again request a library to order it.

Thomas Friedman of the NY Times writes in an op-ed piece of Bruce Katz’ and Jennifer Bradley’s new book The Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy”.urban future 2

Katz and Bradley say that the time has now come where local governments are the place to address challenges and opportunities, that federal and state governments are now essentially frozen because of “hyperpartisanship”.  Cities no longer are considered ‘children’ to the federal/state ‘adult’.  Cities now lead the way in “experimenting, taking risks, making hard choices.”

One exception is noted: Detroit.  Why?  “an extreme case … a perfect storm”.  Read more in I Want To Be A Mayor.

And check out the readers’ comments following Friedman’s column. As always NY Times readers offer up a range of educated perspectives.urban future 7