Who would have ever thought it, working in a Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, etc plant?  Take a look at the NY Times slide show Detroit Metal and Mary Chapman’s article Your Earrings Remind Me of Grandma’s Gran Torino.

The slide show features jewelry made from what is called fordite, paint slag that “has been around in quantity since the 1920s, according to the Ford Motor Company. forditeWhy it’s called fordite is unknown, although it refers to a byproduct at all old auto plants, not just Ford’s. The material is also called Detroit agate and motor agate.”fordite 2

I would wear any set of the handsome cufflinks.  If I wore cuffed shirts.

I am delighted at how Detroit continues to produce in surprising ways.  Once autos, now jewelry.  Decades of decline, now hints of hope.fordite 3