It was tasty, prepared by Snow White. Who has a sister named Bambi and a brother Mickey. I am telling the truth. With coffee, I was set to follow along with the study on the Sermon on the Mount.

This morning Gail and I visited the Salvation Army corps on 23rd Street in Granite City. Sunday for Salvation Army worshippers. Majors Dale and Mary Hunt lead the Army there.

Granite City reminded us of Gary IN or any of a number of urban places in America which were created for industrial purposes. And then abandoned when used up. Much of Granite City looks used up.


What we visited is a corps in transition. Older mostly white worshippers which now are being joined by teens and young adults, many who are people of color.

This was a good thing to see. This is not an uncommon situation Salvation Army corps find themselves in around the US of A. We do much good via emergency assistance and other programs to help meet human needs. But our formal-church approach to proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God is really not healthy. Sure, exceptions. But by and large we are struggling to make sense of the gospel to people living in urban places. Especially in used up urban places. What to do?


Time to retire the brass band. Tin Pan Alley melodies. Relying solely on centuries-old song texts.

We are being challenged to contextualize the gospel for our places. Even used up places.