In a number of ways Chuck Wright and I are quite unalike.

Friendship may be likely between those most alike.  I believe that I am blessed with many such friends.  But how poor we would be if friendship were only possible between those with common interests, views, backgrounds.

Chuck and I have been friends a long time.  As unalike as we might be, we do share some common tastes.  For instance, Miles Davis.

A couple years ago we sat one evening listening to music from several albums Chuck had brought along on one of his personal retreats.  I say ‘retreat’.  Don’t be misled.  There is little luxurious to a Chuck Wright retreat.  But he is not all spartan.  A fine coffee.  And Miles Davis.

My current Miles Davis fixation:  Blue in Green.   All week I have been listening to this cut from Davis’ 1959 Kind of Blue album.  LP.  Why?

There’s no knowing why a piece of music decides to speak to a person.  But I feel it speaks, saying something to an individual aware of a world grown more dense with humanity, complex beyond grasp, seeming to be more uncertain than it once was to us in our youth.  The music acknowledges this world.  And gives voice to its individuals.  Such as Chuck.  And me.

C Wright

Chuck dancing with his daughter Liz at her wedding.