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Here’s some of the facts and a little bit of the human story on the federal government’s reduction in SNAP (food stamps) this month reported today by Kim Severson and Winnie Hu of the New York Times.

d36caf50-bcdf-4b55-b8ad-97276cbbd7ceToday I was in Marion IL visiting our Salvation Army center that serves the southern part of Illinois.  Cindy Cowgur runs our operations there and she tells me that somewhere between 400-500 families will receive Christmas assistance just in Williamson County.  And that about 70 families each month now receive a bag of groceries there.  I don’t know the numbers, but families in 21 additional southern Illinois counties will also receive Salvation Army Christmas food.

I didn’t have time to talk with Cindy about the effect this SNAP reduction will have.  But I’m sure it will soon be felt.

Take two minutes to watch the video in the Severson and Hu article.  Compare the current Congress’ desire to reduce SNAP with a rise in the US poverty rate.  What to expect?  Cindy and her staff are going to have more monthly visitors.  Soon.