We were in town today.  We attended Sunday meetings on both sides of the river.

This morning we were with our home corps in East St Louis IL.  Next door to the Salvation Army building on 16th Street is the Home of the Way-Bigga Burger.   next door to the corps bldg  November 2013

Lieutenant AJ Zachery leads our Sunday school.  The Lieutenant is holding a photo of a zebra.  Is it essentially black or white?  The lesson was on difficult questions and specifically on the question posed Jesus in Luke 20:29-39.  Our class is cross-generational meaning children and adults meet together.  It can be a challenge but we enjoy the class.  In the lower left corner you can see my bowl.  Frosted Flakes and fruit were offered today.  I had two bowls.

Tonight, I came with Gail to her meeting in St Louis with the Temple House young adults.  Gail leads this weekly Sunday evening group which is reading and discussing Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  It’s part of establishing community life as these young men and women prepare for the urban mission center in the Benton Park West neighborhood.  Tonight’s discussion about community dealt with the contrast between the ideal and the divine reality.

So, that was our day.

AJ Zachery leading S school  November 2013