Tomorrow is the annual I’ll Fight Day, calling Salvation Army (especially young) people to a one day … well, here is an explanation …


When we say ‘evangelism’ don’t think street corner preacher with a bullhorn, or door to door smiling tract distributors.

I’ll Fight Day evangelism is thinking of others first, their needs, and what I can do to give a cup of cold water.  Or more likely for December, cup of hot coffee.  With a sandwich.  To men and women living under I-94 in Chicago, by the river somewhere in Iowa, warming themselves by a fire in Detroit.  Or in countless other, imaginative, daring ways which we believe our Lord will gesture to on a judgment day, and nod with approval.  You did it to others?  You did it to Me.

Evangelism is simply the speaking and showing of the good news of Jesus the Christ.  And just perhaps, people will notice and also follow.  As the Spirit leads.

I like “surprise .. with God’s love”.  The kingdom of God is truly so as it surprises us, showing up in unexpected ways and places via its people.  Confounding the wisdom of this world.  Which strangely is the object of God’s love (John 3:16).

But the only thing unsettling about it is that it offers to and draws others into a turning trajectory, to turn to the ‘man for others’ (Bonhoeffer) as he led and continues to lead us in being of use to this God-loved world today.

Tomorrow.  I’ll Fight Day.

I would add, in the terse words of our Army’s Founder to all us Salvation Army (especially young) people, do something.


An Australian term, Salvos.  Meaning Salvation Army people.