There’s a huge difference between vigilant and vigilante.  Watchful.  Or “a self-appointed doer of justice” as Merriam-Webster puts it.

Superman has his super powers.  Spiderman his tingly spider-sense.  The Wolverine those rather nasty claw-like things that erupt out, slash.

Urbanspoon is my tool of justice.


I eat.  I like it.  I don’t.  Simple.  My vote joins the community of urban eaters.

It is my participation in social justice.  One that the government as far as we know does not tweak, interfere with, shut down.  Unlike some places in the world.

Imagine, a government running a covert operation in Urbanspoon.

But there are other organized entities that may, that do.  Campaigns to discredit a business competitor.  Even attempts to misinform as part of a wider strategy in exerting pressure on an organization to change its practices and positions.  Or to destroy it.

Would a restaurant mount a dastardly campaign against its rival?

We live in a techno-urban time where I have access to my Urbanspoon tool of justice.  But where I exercise vigilance is also a place where others may be exercising vigilantism.

So, when I look at what is posted on Facebook, or how the votes tally up for that restaurant in the next town, am I qualified as judge, jury, and executioner?


One of our family traditions is to again and again watch Mystery Men.  What are your super powers?  Wannabes.  Ticking time bomb of fury.  Superheroes on a mission against Casanova Frankenstein.  Evil nemesis of Captain Amazing, who comes to an untimely end in spite of being tricked out with the costume, powers and PR agent.

Watch it.  See how justice prevails through the least likely.

learn to do good;
seek justice,
rescue the oppressed,
defend the
plead for the widow.  (Isaiah 1:17)